The Thirty-fourth Day

I worked with Seth during my first critique of the day to edit my work down to the few images I will be displaying at the final show on Thursday.  A few steps down the hall and thirty minutes later I met with Vince Aletti, a well-known “high art” photography critic, who was fairly harsh but I am ok with the fact that not everyone will love me.

Meeting Mom, Dad, and Natalie at the Tavern on the Green was touristy but fun and our lunch was delicious.  Post-Tavern, I headed back to SVA to work in the lab on my prints for a few hours and then headed off to meet up with the fam + Melissa (another cousin who I haven’t seen in about 10 years!) for dinner at Westville East (the same as Westville, just on the East side).  This place continues to be one of my all-time favorites.  A sampling of what was on the table tonight:  sweet potato fries, plaintains, grilled artichoke hearts with parmesean, honey Dijon brussel sprouts, sautéed green beans with slivered almonds, steak bruschetta, and homemade peach and blueberry pie.

Rolling out of Westville with mild food coma, Natalie and I walked a few blocks down the road to 10 Degrees where we got to meet up with Raymond “Ray of Sunshine” Galaviz and Shelli Benfatti, long lost friends from Pepperdine.  My two regrets at the end of the night were that 1) we didn’t take a picture, and 2) I didn’t hang out with them sooner!


One response to “The Thirty-fourth Day

  1. Barbara Farrington

    Can’t wait to see the photos that you select for your final show! I’m attending an AP Studio Art Institute all week at USD. Today we went to the Richard Avedon Exhibit, Portraits of Power, at the Musem of Art in Balboa Park. I do not have a lot of knowledge of well-known photographers, but boy, did he shoot some powerful portraits. Really great exhibit! It is up until Sept. 6th…See you next week!

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