The Thirty-third Day

Sleeping on the sofa pull-out bed last night was a slight downgrade from sinking into the soft, pillowly “heaven bed” in the Hamptons but at least Natalie and I got to wake up to a full breakfast this morning, prepared by Mom and Dad.  Ready for my final week of critiques, I headed off to school for my last one-on-one with Laurel Nakadate (she’s great!) and then some time in the lab.

Today was my first time printing on a large scale, enlarging most of my images to around 20” x 30”.  I learned a few things…

1)   It is hard to make color look good, especially when it’s poster size.

2)   Black and white is my best friend.

3)   The number of megapixels in my camera really do matter.  I am currently accepting donations of 5DMarkII’s.

Recovering from a lost wallet scare (I thought it was gone forever but I actually left it in the library), I joined the fam for a walk/run up and down the Hudson and then came home to get ready for our night out.

Dinner at Asia de Cuba turned into a Jamie-got-a-job-today-at-Ralph-Lauren-yes-it’s-true-and-she’s-going-to-work-close-to-Ralph-and-have-a-ridiculous-wardrobe-cause-she-gets-50%-off-and-she’s-kinda-like-Rachel-Green Celebration.  After an intense team meeting, we finally came up with our order (the waitress informed us that we weren’t allowed to order individually) and were thrilled to death with what came out of the kitchen, especially the braised shortribs and the panko-crusted plantains.

Super fun people.

Surrounded by good people

Since we’re such crazy late night people, our after-dinner yogurt destination was closed and we proceeded on to Cones* where mom and I felt compelled to order Corn flavored ice cream.  They serve it sprinkled with cinnamon and while I don’t think I’d eat it every day, I was happy with my choice.

*Dan was doing “magic tricks” for the cab driver on our way to Cones and in the process left his Blackberry on the floor by the front seat.  Hasan, if you’re out there and reading this blog, please call the number on the screen!


2 responses to “The Thirty-third Day

  1. Linds! I’m so glad you are getting your friend fix and loving every minute of the city. Please bring your photo shoot pics to school so we can see them. BTW, when are you rolling in to Diego?
    Miss you!

  2. Ok my favorite part so far- accepting donations for the Mark II! I love it!! 😉 I did way too much CW work without you and it only made it seem longer until you’re coming home! Hurry up will you!!

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